High quality metal working services

Metal working


We carry out MMA/MIG/MAG/TIG welding works for different configuration and complexity structures.

We perform welding work for following materials:

  • steel (carbon),
  • stainless steel,
  • aluminium.

Plasma cutting

The service is currently not available

Plasma cutting advantages are virtually limitless geometric shape configuration. This method allows you to build complex shape products from sheet materials.

We perform manufacturing of parts according to customer's drawings or if necessary, make them and coordinate with the client by ourselves.

Precise cutting thickness up to 20 mm, max size of part 1600*3000 mm.


Sand blasting is a convenient and high-quality way how to prepare structures/parts before galvanizing or painting. It completely removes the workpiece of rust, paint, residues, environmental hazards and other adverse stains.

The processing can be done for a variety of metal alloys, stone, wood and composite materials.

Works are carried out in treatment chamber 3500(W)*3500(H)*7000(L).